Conditions for insurance application via website

1. Filling in an application form
The applicant shall fill in an application form with accurate and complete information, otherwise it could result that the Company may refuse to indemnify any coverage under the insurance contract as per the Clause 865 of the Civil and Commercial Code.

2. Declaring a beneficiary in the insurance contract
The beneficiary is a person who must be related to the insured by having relationship as follows legitimate child which includes adopted child who is legally adopted, father, mother, legal spouse and blood relatives such as grandfather, grandmother, uncle, aunt, etc.

3. Paying premium
The insured shall make a premium payment per a method and channel specified by the Company. To do so, it will be considered as paying premium to the Company directly. If the insured wishes to pay premium through other channel, the insured should contact the Company directly.

4. Coverage under insurance contract
Insurance coverage shall be effective when the Company receives the premium and approves the application form, whereas insurance condition and coverage are as specified in the policy.

5. E-transaction
It is considered that the insured has signed and certified the correctness of information via insurance application on the Company’s website as per Electronic Transactions Act B.E. 2544.

I hereby declare that I have thoroughly read and studied all conditions of the application via this website. I hereby agree and accept that if I do not comply with one of the conditions, which is considered material, the Company has the right to refuse any liability under this insurance contract.
Accept and continue